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About Peasholm, Scarborough.

Peasholm is sited on the north side of the town of Scarborough in a mainly residential area.

Peashom takes in a narrow steep-sided valley running north-east towards North Bay. The valley gradually broadens until it opens out on to low-lying ground closer to the sea. The south-west tip of Peasholm adjoins a cemetery which was opened in the late 19th century, the north-east boundary of the site is the A165 road, which is here called Columbus Ravine.  The boundary on the south and south-east side is Peasholm Drive and the cemetery.  On the north side the boundary is Northstead Manor Drive in the area known locally as the ward of Northstead and the west boundary is at roads called Ryndleside and Glenside. Peasholm was orignally part of Northstead Manor.

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